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are destroyed and residents are without power. the president will be with chris christie and he's bringing assurances he's ordered federal agencies to help. >> i want you to cut through red tape and bureau kracy. there's no excuse for inaction -- bureaucracy. there's no excuse for inaction at this point. >> reporter: meanwhile, mitt romney who turned one of his ohio rallies into a donation event for storm -- for storm victims, has a bigger challenge trying to find a role for himself. >> i've had a chance to talk to others. we'll have live coverage during my next update. right now the president, the new poll shows, is holding onto slim leads. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:14. the white house is canceling this clear's -- this year's halloween celebration because of president obama's trip to new jersey. usually the first family invites children. here's video of the president and first lady handing out kanding in 2009. president obama did not wear a costume. >>> a record number of gay candidates are running for congress. eight openly gay candida
you are okay. >> new jersey governor chris chris -- chris christie says he appreciates the president's response every time he's called to ask for resources. >> he says there are immense power outages that need toen dealt with but the top priority is rescuing people from flooded areas. he's promising that his state will rebuild. i'm jennifer davis. back to you. >> it is 7:45. more crews from california will be heading to the east coast to help restore power to millions of people in the dark from the storm. >> pg&e says it is sending 150 peas to -- employees to new york including crews from northern and central california. officials say downed power lines and an explosion are complicating the effort to restore electricity. at least 7.4 million people are without power in 13 states. >> time now 7:46. the storm is having a big effect on wall street. pam cook is in the newsroom now with a report -- with an important report that is at stake, particularly now that the stock markets are closed for the second day in row. >> it's the first sometime -- it's fin -- it's the first time since 1888
christie has ordered gas rationing to cut down on lines at the gas stations. it's called odd even rationing. vehicles with license plates that end in even number cans only fill up on even numbered days of the month. odd numbers and specialized plates go on the odd days. it's expected to work since only gas station workers can pump gas in new jersey. >>> i man stopped to video a passing train for his four-year- old son he never inspected what would happen next. the camera phone caught the train slamming into a utility truck on to the railroad track. theamateur -- the amateur rushed to the two men inside. and they survived with hardly a scratch. >> he got out of the truck and i said are you all right. he said i'm fine. i said dude, you're the luckiest man alive right now. >> although the train was blaring its horn, the truck driver said that he did not notice that the train was woman -- coming. >>> and there's a policy on the table to limit how loud your leaf blower can get. >>> and i'll have your forecast for the bay area coming up. >>> a mountain lion is roaming around the brentwood area. s
chris christie has ordered all evacuations of casinos and barrier islands. >> the most stressful thing is to stand in your house. watch the water come up and there is nothing to do. >> they expect it to make landfall tomorrow night or tuesday morning. emergency officials warn that it could lead to prolong pour outages. >> just -- power outages. new york's governor ordered transit services to be suspended in new york city starting tone in preparation for the storm. >>> bay area red cross volunteers are on the way to the east coast this morning. >> volunteers from the san jose chapter o got on a flight. they are going to drive over to new jersey. 600 volunteers are being sent in from across the country. these people are in need of shelter and medical attention. >> it is amazing and very humbling. they are so happy to see the red cross. when one of the response p vehicles come in, their faces light up. >> volunteers are expecting to stay on the east coast depending the out come of the storm. >>> good morning to you. pleasant day in the forecast. little bit of patchy fog beginning to resur
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4